Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
51credit 51Credit Online financial advisory services for personal users, banks, and financial institutes Banking China alive $94M
51zhangdan 51Zhangdan Credit card management tool and financial services platform Banking China alive
Accrumental Accrumental AI Company that increases CLTV for banks while rewarding Customers' Financial Wellness Banking USA alive
Active Conversational banking solution Banking Singapore alive
Allevo Allevo Banking on open source technologies Banking Romania alive
Anytime Anytime Providing simplified financial services to consumers and businesses Banking Belgium alive $2.7M
Artoo Artoo Financial CRM solution for the financial sector Banking India alive $630k
Asbet Asbet Workflow solutions to global investment banks Banking USA alive
Asm ASM Brain Financial software development services Banking Ukraine alive
Atom bank Atom Bank Mobile-only bank Banking UK alive $268.14M
Atsora atsora Data analytics for SME banking Banking Poland alive
Avuba Avuba Banking Germany alive $569.91K
Backbase Backbase Omni-channel digital banking Banking Netherlands alive
Bancore Bancore Virtual Visa and Virtual Mastercard solutions Banking Denmark alive $7.7M
Bankaool Bankaool Online Mexican bank Banking Mexico alive
Bankerslab BankersLab Training innovator providing simulation and gaming for bankers Banking USA alive $375.0k
Bank genie Bank-Genie Branchless banking solution Banking Singapore alive
Bankino bankino Banking technology provider Banking Germany alive
Basiq Basiq Its algorithm scrapes financial data from the web pages of banks to supply fintechs with data to help them compete with the big banks Banking Australia alive
Bdo BDO Unibank Full-service universal bank Banking Philippines alive $1.2B
Bee Bee Banking USA alive $4.6M
Blik Blik Mobile payment system Banking Poland alive
Bringing cash to its users via SMS Banking Germany alive
Bud Bud Financial financial app aggregator for online banking platform users Banking UK alive
Cardable Cardable Compare and find the best cashback cards Banking Singapore alive
Cardback Cardback Notifications about offers on credit and debit cards Banking India alive $170k
Card Personalized, mobile alternative to traditional bank accounts Banking USA alive $18.6M
Cardpow Cardpow Compare credit & debit card discounts and promotions Banking Malaysia alive
CareerDream (职业梦)
Professional finance training platform Banking China alive
Cashpresso cashpresso Banking solution Banking Austria alive $787.34K