Fintech Startups in Japan

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Saas A-SaaS Cloud-based accounting systems for professional accounting firms Corporate Finance Japan alive $14.75M
Staple Crowd Cast Expense management for SMEs and corporates Corporate Finance Japan alive $255.51k
Freee freee Automated online accounting software Corporate Finance Japan alive $82.8M
Makeleaps MakeLeaps Online invoicing software for freelancers and businesses in Japan Corporate Finance Japan alive $600k
Merrybiz MerryBiz Crowdsourced bookkeeping service Corporate Finance Japan alive
Moneyforward MoneyForward Online personal accounting solutions that enable individuals to better manage their daily expenses Corporate Finance Japan alive $41.9M
SaaS accounting, sales management and payroll solution. Corporate Finance Japan alive $2.45M
Campfire CAMPFIRE Crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding Japan alive $2.83M
Crowd realty Crowd Realty Peer to property funding marketplace Crowdfunding Japan alive
Green funding Green Funding (Onemore Inc.) Crowdfunding platform for social business Crowdfunding Japan alive
Kitchen starter Kitchen Starter crowdfunding platform focused on foods and restaurants Crowdfunding Japan alive
Cross SORAYUME Co It provides crowdfunding service that focuses on Japanese entertainment such as manga and anime Crowdfunding Japan alive
Bitbank bitbank Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Japan
Bitflyer bitFlyer Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Japan $34.36M
Coincheck coincheck Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Japan
Quoinexchange Quoine Bitcoin trading platform Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Japan alive $18M
Aqush Aqush Financing Japan
Credit engine Credit Engine It lends to small businesses who don’t grow quickly enough to secure venture capital. Financing Japan alive
Crowdcredit Crowdcredit Financing Japan $2.76M
Maneo maneo Financing Japan
Standfirm inc StandFirm Inc (Misoca) SaaS accounting solution Financing Japan $9.8M
Lifenet Lifenet Insurance platform Insurance Japan alive
Toyro Toyro Online insurance products platform (Insnext) Insurance Japan alive
Coiney Coiney Smartphone-based credit card processing services Payment Japan alive $12.1M
Gmo GMO Payment Gateway E-commerce payment solution Payment Japan alive
Kyash Kyash Inc. p2p payment app that offers a multiple payment platform empowering payments to individuals and merchants Payment Japan alive $9.88M
Spike SPIKE Payment Japan
Ubiregi inc. Ubiregi Inc. Point-of-sale (POS) system for iPad devices. Payment Japan alive $129.3k
Webpay WebPay Payment Japan $1.1M
Money forward Money Forward Personal Finance Management Japan $41.9M