Fintech Startups in China

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
51credit 51Credit Online financial advisory services for personal users, banks, and financial institutes Banking China alive $94M
51zhangdan 51Zhangdan Credit card management tool and financial services platform Banking China alive
CareerDream (职业梦)
Professional finance training platform Banking China alive
Huilianjk HUILIANJK.COM (汇联金科) Internet banking solutions provider Banking China alive $4.3M
It provides financial software and network services Banking China alive $532M
Laicaijie Laicaijie (来财街) Financial service provider Banking China alive
Omni Omni Prime (上海秦苍信息科技有限公司) Financial services technology provider Banking China alive $15.0M
Accounting platform Corporate Finance China alive
Gongzi Gongzi Qianbao (工资钱包) Mobile payroll and added-value financial services company Corporate Finance China alive $30.0M
Quanzi zhangben Quanzi Zhangben (圈子账本) Accounting software that supports group coordination Corporate Finance China alive $1.5M
Scapitol Scapitol (奇点金融) Cash management and financial service provider for startups Corporate Finance China alive $5.8M
Wormhole WormHole Financial (虫洞金融) Corporate travel data platform for corporate travel procurement to provide quality Internet financial services. Corporate Finance China alive
Ng4aeqw37dclfvgbs8g4 AngelCrunch Crowdfunding China
Baichouhui (百筹汇)
Equity crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding China alive
Daxianbing Daxianbing (大馅饼) Crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding China alive
Demohour 300x300 DemoHour Crowdfunding China $1.5M
Dream more Dream More Crowdfunding China
Real estate crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding China alive $10M
Fundator Fundator Crowdfunding China
Inno InnoTREE (因果树) Equity investment for professional investors Crowdfunding China alive $15M
Crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding China alive
Leizhi tech Leizhi Tech Crowdfunding operator, investor, and competition platform for government organizations, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and startups Crowdfunding China alive
Lm finance LM FINANCE (柠檬生活金融) (Formerly known as LiteMeng) is a micro crowdfunding platform that based on WeChat Crowdfunding China alive
Musikid Musikid Crowdfunding China
One foundation One Foundation Crowdfunding China
Qingsongchou network technology Qingsongchou Network Technology Chinese online crowdfunding operator Crowdfunding China alive $48M
Qschou (轻松筹) Social crowdfunding site Crowdfunding China alive
T (淘梦网)
Micro film crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding China alive $6.9M
Venturecircle Venture Circle Crowdfunding China
Weiclicai (维C理财) It offers crowdfunded purchases of secondhand cars Crowdfunding China alive $5.7M