Fintech Startups in Singapore

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Active Conversational banking solution Banking Singapore alive
Bank genie Bank-Genie Branchless banking solution Banking Singapore alive
Cardable Cardable Compare and find the best cashback cards Banking Singapore alive
Change Change Finance Mobile only bank offering retail banking and insurance services Banking Singapore alive
Finchat FinChat Compliance monitoring software that helps regulated enterprises capture all business-related instant messages Banking Singapore alive $500K
Frank Frank Banking Singapore alive
Oojibo OOjiBO Full stack retail banking system on a mobile phone Banking Singapore alive $3.58M
Socash soCash Sash distribution channel via outsourced cash points (shops are becoming ATMs) Banking Singapore alive $400k
Tagit Tagit Mobile banking software solutions provider Banking Singapore alive $6.41M
Wb21 WB21 Digital Bank offering online, real time account opening for Private and Business clients from 180 countries. Banking Singapore alive $23.73M
Yololite YoloPay Digital banking solutions Banking Singapore alive
Jojonomic Jojonomic Control budget expenditures of your company Corporate Finance Singapore alive $1.5M
Touch Touché It allows users to make payments securely without needing to carry a card Corporate Finance Singapore alive $2M
Coassets CoAssets Crowdfunding site with offices in Singapore, Australia, Malaysia, China, and Indonesia Crowdfunding Singapore alive $736.83k
Crowdo Crowdo Equity and lending-based crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding Singapore alive
Ethis EthisCrowd Private investment/crowdfunding club Crowdfunding Singapore alive $500k
Fundedhere FundedHere Equity and lending-based crowdfunding platform for promising startups in Asia Crowdfunding Singapore alive $1.29M
Fundplaces FundPlaces Real estate crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding Singapore alive
Bluzella Bluzelle It develops a software suite that enables banks and insurance businesses to leverage the blockchain Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Singapore alive $1.8M
Coinhako CoinHako Crypto-currency wallet service that aims to provide non-technical users with the basic functions of cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Singapore alive
Coinpip CoinPip It helps businesses send payments and payouts to remote workers using blockchain technology Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Singapore alive $100k
Coinrepublic Coin Republic Bitcoin platform Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Singapore alive
Debune DeBuNe Secure online environment that lets small and medium businesses collaborate, market, offer and monetize their expertise or products Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Singapore alive $15.9k
Everex Everex Ethereum blockchain-based online payments suite Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Singapore alive $500k
Gocoin GoCoin Payment gateway for online and retail merchants to accept bitcoin as a payment method Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Singapore alive $2.05M
Kyck KYCK! Platform to access financial markets with blockchain based identities Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Singapore alive $50.0K
Zebpay Zebpay Mobile Bitcoin wallet app Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Singapore alive $1.13M
C88  cekaja  ecomparemo  premiro C88 (CekAja, eCompareMo, Premiro) Compare credit card, loans Financing Singapore alive
Capital match Capital Match Financing Singapore $710.87K
Funding societies Funding Societies Peer-to-peer lending platform Financing Singapore alive $7.46M