Fintech Startups in UK

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Albert Albert Invoicing app Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll UK alive $45.13k
Dopay Dopay Cloud-based payroll service Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll UK alive $7.13M
Freeagent FreeAgent Online accounting and money management software Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll UK alive $10.74M
Skwile Skwile Cashflow management solution Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll UK alive
Atom bank Atom Bank Mobile-only bank Banking UK alive $268.14M
Bud Bud Financial financial app aggregator for online banking platform users Banking UK alive
Civilised Civilised Banking UK alive
Compliance-as-a-Service that offers solutions for KYC, FATCA, OECD Common Reporting Standard and Chapter 3 Withholding Banking UK alive
Egg Egg Banking UK alive
Encompass Encompass Offering KYC Solutions for AML/CTF regulations. Banking UK alive $4.69M
Ffrees FFrees Banking UK alive $7.73M
Fna Financial Network Analytics The Financial Network Analytics (FNA) maps, models and measures interconnections in financial data. Banking UK alive $559.22k
Fd First Direct Banking UK alive
Fundapps FundApps It organises regulatory information & delivers a cloud-based, managed service to automate shareholding disclosure Banking UK alive
Gaggel Gaggel Mobile phone insurance Banking UK alive
Loot Loot Banking UK alive $2.17M
Misys Misys Banking, treasury, trading and risk management solution provider Banking UK acquired
Modular finance Modular Financial Technology solutions for wholesale financial markets Banking UK alive
Monese Monese Mobile banking service Banking UK alive $16M
Moni moni Micro-banking platform for the Millennials Banking UK alive $1.75M
Monzo monzo Mobile-only bank Banking UK alive $45.05M
Osper Osper Mobile pocket money management service and prepaid debit card Banking UK alive $11.22M
Payment components Payment Components Ltd Financial messaging development tools and payments solutions for banks, corporates and independent software developers. Banking UK alive
Pockit Pockit Prepaid MasterCard Banking UK alive $3.45M
Prophis Prophis Technologies It enables companies to extract more value and insights from their internal and external data Banking UK alive
Redcloud Redcloud Technology Banking as a platform Banking UK alive
Riskopy Riskopy It combines conventional and alternative data sources in our proprietary algorithm to provide actionable, event driven insights Banking UK alive $50k
Secco Secco Banking UK alive
Smile smile Digital-only bank Banking UK alive
Starling Starling Bank Banking UK alive $70M