Fintech Startups in Canada

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Wpdy5v4g EQ Bank Banking Canada alive
Flinks Flinks Financial API to synchronize banking information with the apps Banking Canada alive $500k
Rlx7t8pw Koho Banking Canada alive $1M
1379617 524217110999683 1885328316 n PC Financial Banking Canada alive
6zekcfie Tangerine Bank Banking Canada alive
Themoneyfinder The Money Finder Cash flow planning training for financial professionals Banking Canada alive $1.75M
Zafin Zafin Financial technology provider Banking Canada alive $25M
Beanworks Beanworks It is an accounts payable automation solution that helps companies Corporate Finance Canada alive $4.5M
Blockcat BlockCAT Lets anyone create, manage, and deploy smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain with just a few clicks Corporate Finance Canada alive
Collage Collage Manage HR, payroll, and benefits Corporate Finance Canada alive $5M
Freshbooks FreshBooks Cloud based small business accounting software. Send invoices, manage receipts, expenses. Corporate Finance Canada alive $73M
Sensibill Sensibill It allows customers to access receipts directly from their bank accounts Corporate Finance Canada alive $18.9M
Vena Vena Solutions SaaS-based enterprise performance management solutions for mission-critical finance and accounting processes Corporate Finance Canada alive $33M
Wave Wave Accounting and invoicing platform Corporate Finance Canada alive $79.5M
4b3rtioq Alberta BoostR Crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding Canada alive
Logo twitter Cuban Hat Crowdmarket for documentary media Crowdfunding Canada alive
Fundo Fundo Crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding Canada alive
Pezp7nx FundRazr Crowdfunding Canada alive $296.84k
Depqslnh Haricot Crowdfunding Canada alive
N4mx9bop InvestX Crowdfunding Canada alive $165k
8u0ymmh8 katipult Crowdfunding Canada alive
2cc8df5eec36a0a0df741bb715e6d210 La Ruche Crowdfunding Canada alive
Hfrqu ea SeedUps Crowdfunding Canada alive
Qoygbx e Yoyomolo Crowdfunding Canada alive
Btl BTL Enterprise grade blockchain solutions Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Canada alive
Coint payments Coin Payments Integrated payment gateway for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Canada alive $892.25k
Edc Equibit Blockchain-based securities register allowing for efficient management of equity Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Canada alive $150k
Vanbex Vanbex Group It specializes in Digital Currency, Blockchain Protocols, and Decentralized Technology Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Canada alive $365.47k
Athjzjsl Borrowell Personal loans and credit scores Financing Canada alive $14.93M
Rfnk8n w Financeit Offer your customers flexible monthly payment plans Financing Canada alive $38.4M