Fintech Startups in Brazil

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Fastnotas Fast Notas Issue and manage invoices Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll Brazil alive
Labsbank LabsBank Products for the banking Banking Brazil alive
Neon Neon digital bank Banking Brazil alive
Bitone Bitone Buy, sell or withdraw bitcoins in local currency at any ATM around the world Bitcoin, Blockchain Brazil alive $50K
Catarse catarse Funding platform Crowdfunding Brazil alive
Kickante kickante Crowdfunding platform focused on social causes Crowdfunding Brazil alive
Startando startando Crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding Brazil alive
Creditas Creditas Online secured lending platform Lending Brazil alive $27.9M
Zetra Zetrasoft Personal loans market Lending Brazil alive
Celcoin Celcoin Pay bills, make refills, transfer money and make purchases Money Transfer Brazil alive $700K
Transfeera Transfeera Save 90% when transfer money between banks Money Transfer Brazil alive
Iugu iugu API that enables businesses to integrate and manage all their online payment transactions. Payment Brazil $431K
Moip Moip Online payment solution Payment Brazil alive
Mundi MundiPagg Payment gateway Payment Brazil alive
Nubank Nubank New generation card with extensive control via app Payment Brazil alive $98.3M
Pagarme Online payment solution Payment Brazil alive $30M
Pagcom pagcom Payment Brazil
Recarga RecargaPay Mobile payment platform & wallet Payment Brazil alive $8M
Vindi Vindi Online payment platform Payment Brazil alive $1.02M
Controly Controly Integrated application with a payment card Personal Finance Management Brazil alive
Organizze Organizze App for personal and business financial control Personal Finance Management Brazil alive
Trademetria Trademetria Trade management and performance tracking softwar Trading, Investing Brazil alive