Fintech Startups in Spain

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Anfix anfix Cloud accounting applications for SMBs in Spain Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll Spain alive $9.5M
Heroes Heroes de Credito Mercado de préstamos Banking Spain alive
Ufethn5v 400x400 imaginBank Banking Spain alive
10410320 1447457805510456 1727611044302394430 n AvatarBTC Bitcoin, Blockchain Spain alive
Bit2me Bit2Me Bitcoin, Blockchain Spain alive
Bithchain Bitchain Bitcoin, Blockchain Spain dead
8x1gr2dk 400x400 Bitnovo Bitcoin, Blockchain Spain alive
11059793 1594710487407554 8399937618719821176 n Chip Chap Bitcoin, Blockchain Spain alive
Gkeafww3 400x400 Coincelt Bitcoin, Blockchain Spain alive
Kx5lgdho 400x400 Coinffeine Bitcoin, Blockchain Spain alive
Criptopay CriptoPay Bitcoin, Blockchain Spain alive
Kotraders KoTraders Bitcoin, Blockchain, Payment Spain alive
Pademobile Pademobile Bitcoin, Blockchain, Money Transfer Spain alive
Tikebit Tikebit Provides a bridge between retailers, merchants and people to get any cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Blockchain Spain alive
Beenergypart BeEnergyPart Crowdfunding Spain
Mkhaduha 200x200 CapitalCell Crowdfunding Spain
Crowdcube Crowdcube Crowdfunding Spain $18.69M
Wq  ss2v 400x400 Einicia Crowdfunding Spain
Flaskfunding FlaskFunding Crowdfunding Spain
Fromlab fromlab Crowdfunding Spain
Housers Housers Crowdfunding Spain
Inverem Inverem Crowdfunding Spain
13062073 470202753190874 9103666593157965256 n Inveslar Crowdfunding Spain
8aszuq1n 400x400 La Bolsa Social Crowdfunding Spain
Lanzanos Lanzanos Crowdfunding Spain $320.13K
Megafounder Megafounder Crowdfunding Spain
Mynbest Mynbest Crowdfunding Spain
Leajynf7 400x400 Privalore Crowdfunding Spain
6ipdurcx 400x400 Safari Crowdfunding Crowdfunding Spain
Sociosinversores SociosInversores Crowdfunding Spain