Fintech Startups in Peru

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Efact Efact Invoicing tool Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll Peru alive
Vecinos360 Vecinos360 It generates the necessary financial reports for the community Accounting, Invoicing, Payroll Peru alive
Refill and withdraw balance in Peru without card Banking Peru alive
Tasatop TasaTop Fixed-term deposit solution Banking Peru alive
Kapital zocial Kapital Zocial Crowdfunding platform for social impact projects Crowdfunding Peru alive
Novios a bordo Novios a Bordo Raise funds for marriage Crowdfunding Peru alive
Prestaleunsol Préstale un sol Crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding Peru
Helloozum Hello Zum Insurance solution Insurance Peru alive
Segurosimple Seguro Simple Online insurance solution Insurance Peru alive
Agrocreditperu Agrocredit Loan solution for farmers Lending Peru alive
Lending platform Lending Peru alive
Platform to negotiate and invest in negotiable invoices Lending Peru alive
Axxiona Axxiona Solution to temporary liquidity problems via payment plans Lending Peru alive
Financing services for people who do not have a credit card Lending Peru alive
Comparabien Comparabien It helps you choose the best option for your credit or financial product Lending Peru alive
Credinnova Credinnova Web application to manage loans Lending Peru alive
Ecash eCash Market to negotiate loans between small businesses and investors Lending Peru alive
Innova funding Innova Funding Connecting investors with companies Lending Peru alive
Laudox Laudox Arbitration for low amounts, microcredits in LATAM Lending Peru alive
Tp Tienda Pago Platform that lets small retailers in emerging markets finance consumer goods and enables a mobile cashless payments. Lending Peru alive
Remesend Remesend Send money internationally Money Transfer Peru alive
Culqi CULQ Accept payments with credit or debit cards Payment Peru alive $26.27k
Monet Monet Digital wallet Payment Peru alive
Paygo Pay&Go. Payment and identity solution for events, bars, clubs Payment Peru alive
Wally Wally Android Tablet based POS solution Payment Peru alive
Yape Yape Application to help you make payments to your friends without account numbers, just with your cell phone number and your BCP account Payment Peru alive
Pathik Pathik! Platform that allows you to plan your trips financially Personal Finance Management Peru alive
Crediface CrediFace Credit scoring via social accounts Scoring, Identity, Fraud Peru alive
Efl EFL Psychometric and nontraditional applicant data to create credit scores Scoring, Identity, Fraud Peru alive
Kalifika kalifika Analyzes the tenant via scoring Scoring, Identity, Fraud Peru alive