Money Raised
Yemexpress Yemexpress
Pre-payment and pre-order servic...
Payment Turkey
Yinhezi (银盒子)
Intelligent cloud POS electronic...
Payment China
Yoco Yoco
Mobile card reader and POS appli...
Payment South Africa
Yoopay Yoopay
Payment Singapore
Yopayment Yo Payments
Mobile payments aggregation service
Payment Uganda
Qckjihu7 400x400 Yourpay
Payment service provider
Payment Denmark
Yoyo wallet Yoyo Wallet
In-store payment and consumer en...
Payment UK
Yunnex Yunnex
Point-of-sales (POS) solutions p...
Payment China
Zap ZAP Philippines
A digital loyalty program with c...
Payment Philippines
Zarinpal ZarinPal
Online payment portal
Payment Iran
Zarph Zarph
Cash management and payment systems
Payment Portugal
Zeepay Zeepay
Mobile payment solution for reta...
Payment Ghana
Zelle Zelle
P2P payment platform
Payment USA
Zencard ZenCard
Turns existing bank cards into u...
Payment Poland
Zhuaqianma Zhuaqianmao (抓钱猫)
P2B mobile finance app focused o...
Payment China
Zipmark Zipmark
Mobile payments transaction plat...
Payment USA
Ziroo Ziroo
Full-featured mobile POS system
Payment Finland
Zooz Zooz
Payment platform
Payment Israel
Zwitch Zwitch
Payment service provider
Payment India
Zympay ZymPay
Ccross-border payment infrastruc...
Payment UK
22seven 22Seven
Budgeting and investing app
Personal Finance Management South Africa
Abaka Abaka
Personal financial advisor power...
Personal Finance Management UK
Afterbanks Afterbanks
Personal Finance Management Spain
7tynpzlp 400x400
Personal Finance Management Spain
1jmvbys0 400x400 Ahorro y Punto
Personal Finance Management Spain
Ledger-like financial app which ...
Personal Finance Management Indonesia
Albert Albert
Financial advisor
Personal Finance Management USA
Andera Andera
Integrated online customer acqui...
Personal Finance Management USA
Aspiration Aspiration
Investing and retirement product...
Personal Finance Management USA
Bankity logo ATMCity
Personal Finance Management Colombia