Money Raised
Redcarpet RedCarpet
Mobile wallet with a unique grow...
Payment India
Red dot payment Red Dot Payment
Secure payment services for onli...
Payment Singapore
Regalii Regalii
Offers a bill payment and tracki...
Payment USA
Remita Remita
Electronic payment platform
Payment Nigeria
Rentmoola RentMoola
Pay rent with credit card, debit...
Payment Canada
Rentzilla Rentzilla Inc.
Pay Rent. Earn Rewards.
Payment USA
Request network Request Network
It allows anyone, anywhere to re...
Payment Germany
Resid Resid
Payment gateway
Payment Iran
Revel Revel Systems
iPad point of sale solution for ...
Payment USA
Rêv Rev Worldwide
Developing payment products
Ringpay Ringpay
Payment UK
Ripple Ripple
Instant, certain, low-cost inter...
Payment USA
Rixty Rixty
Cash-based alternative payment p...
Payment USA
Roadsyn RoadSync
Digital payment platform for the...
Robokassa Robokassa
Payment Russia
Ruplee Ruplee
Mobile payment solution
Payment India
Safecharge SafeCharge
Payment Ireland
Payment Mexico
Satispay Satispay
Payment platform that enables in...
Payment Italy
Savano Savano
Web and mobile payments
Payment Iran
Savingstar SavingStar
It helps shoppers earn cash back...
Payment USA
Seamless Seamless
Payment Spain, Sweden
Riv16qrm SecurionPay
Online payment solution
Payment Switzerland
Sellxed sellXed
Payment Switzerland
Sendah Sendah
Online gift remittance and payme...
Payment Philippines
Sentenial Sentenial
SEPA regulation payment solution...
Payment Ireland
Sapeone SEPAone
Direct debit for mobile and online
Payment Germany
Setpay SetPay
Payment Spain
Sezzle Sezzle
Payment system
Shahabpay ShahabPay
Payment gateway
Payment Iran