Money Raised
Finicity Finicity
API for fintech apps to connect ...
Banking USA
Personal banking assistant
Banking Canada
Fino paytech FINO
Technology solution provider for...
Banking India
Fino fino digital
Change bank account online
Banking Germany
Fino paytech Fino PayTech
Technology solutions for institu...
Banking India
Finovate studio FinovateStudio
Financial technology solutions
Banking Ukraine
Bank digitalization with SaaS
Banking Germany
Fintecsystems FinTecSystems
Real time financial data access
Banking Germany
Fintree Fintree
Financial report automation tool
Banking Chile
Finxact Finxact
Enterprise class public cloud/pr...
Banking USA
Fd First Direct
Online and telephone banking
Banking UK
First e First-e
Free online banking
Banking Ireland
Fiserv Fiserv
Financial services technology so...
Banking USA
Fivedegrees Five Degrees
Financial technology provider de...
Banking The Netherlands
Flinks Flinks
Financial API to synchronize ban...
Banking Canada
Frank Frank
Financial literacy programme
Banking Singapore
Frontclear Frontclear
It facilitates access to financi...
Banking The Netherlands
It provides strong business docu...
Banking Taiwan
Fundapps FundApps
It organises regulatory informat...
Banking UK
Gaggel Gaggel
Mobile phone insurance
Banking UK
Garantione GarantiOne
Mobile banking app for 18-25
Banking Turkey
Gro solutions Gro Solutions
It provides a digital sales plat...
Banking USA
Hello bank Hello Bank!
Digital bank
Banking France
Heroes Heroes de Credito
Mercado de préstamos
Banking Spain
Holvi Holvi
Digital current account for Make...
Banking Finland
Huilianjk HUILIANJK.COM (汇联金科)
Internet banking solutions provider
Banking China
It provides financial software a...
Banking China
Hyper anna Hyper Anna
Machine intelligence for analytics
Banking Australia
Ibanfirst IbanFirst (FX4BIZ)
Online multi-currency platform w...
Banking Belgium
Iexceed i-exceed
Digital banking solution provider
Banking India