Money Raised
Kaiku Kaiku
Prepaid card for managing money
Banking USA
Kasisto Kasisto
Smart bots and virtual assistant...
Banking USA
Financial assistant for your money
Banking Netherlands
Rlx7t8pw Koho
Smart spending app that lets use...
Banking Canada
Kontist Kontist
A bank account for your freelanc...
Banking Germany
Kontomatik kontomatik
Banking API
Banking Poland
All-in-one Chatbot Platform as-a...
Banking USA
Kreditech Kreditech
Providing access to credit for t...
Banking Germany
Labsbank LabsBank
Products for the banking
Banking Brazil
Laicaijie Laicaijie (来财街)
Financial service provider
Banking China
Lead generating chatbot platform...
Banking USA
Ledger sync Ledgersync
Bank Feeds for Accountants
Banking USA
Lendstar Lendstar
Collect money, divide bills and ...
Banking Germany
Leneo Leneo
Banking platform (BaaP) to be us...
Banking Denmark
Leveris Leveris
A full-service, modular, banking...
Banking Ireland
Loot Loot
Banking and money management app...
Banking UK
Luminousbanking Luminous
Banking solution provider
Banking South Africa
Lunar way Lunar Way
Mobile banking app developer tha...
Banking Denmark
Mambu mambu
The Engine for digital banking
Banking Germany
Efficient and secure banking ser...
Banking France
Mbank mBank
e-bank in Poland
Banking Poland
Meniga Meniga
White-label Personal Finance Man...
Banking Iceland
Meskudo M-Eskudo
Digital banking solution
Banking Portugal
Minka Minka
Banking as a service platform
Banking Colombia
Misys Misys
Banking, treasury, trading and r...
Banking UK
Mitek Mitek
Advanced imaging and analytics s...
Banking USA
Mitigram Mitigram
Collaborative risk and finance m...
Banking Sweden
Modular finance Modular Financial
Technology solutions for wholesa...
Banking UK
Monese Monese
Mobile banking service
Banking UK
Monetia Monetia
Money transfers, acceptance of b...
Banking Poland