Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Checkbook Checkbook It allows you to send digital checks without signups or downloads Banking USA alive
Cheddar Cheddar Banking USA dead
Chime Chime Manage your finances entirely from your smartphone Banking USA alive $20.75M
Civilised Civilised Banking UK alive
Clinc Clinc Voice-activated, artificial intelligence platform Banking USA alive $7.5M
Cms CMS Infosystems ATM Cash Management company Banking India alive
Deposit Deposit Solutions Group Limited Open architecture platform allows banks to gather retail deposits from across Europe Banking Germany alive $23.56M
Digibank by dbs Digibank by DBS Banking India alive
Digit Digit Banking USA alive $36.3M
Compliance-as-a-Service that offers solutions for KYC, FATCA, OECD Common Reporting Standard and Chapter 3 Withholding Banking UK alive
Dwolla Dwolla Bank transfer API with no per transaction fees Banking USA alive $39.3M
Earnix Earnix Predictive modeling and optimization with real-time connectivity Banking Israel alive $20.5M
Ebankit ebankIT Omnichannel banking solutions Banking Portugal alive
Ebics EBICS Box A modern API for bank accounts Banking Germany alive
Banking solution provider Banking Kenya alive
Egg Egg Banking UK alive
Eps Electronic Payment and Services End-to-end ATM operations & outsourcing services Banking India alive
Banking platform Banking Germany alive
Encompass Encompass Offering KYC Solutions for AML/CTF regulations. Banking UK alive $4.69M
Enpara Enpara Direct-only retail banking platform Banking Turkey alive
Ensibuuko Ensibuuko Mobile money enabled banking software for grassroot financial institutions in Africa Banking Uganda alive $520k
Wpdy5v4g EQ Bank Banking Canada alive
Ernit ERNIT App that connects with a physical, connected piggy bank, allowing kids to learn about the concept of money by setting goals and reaching them. Banking Denmark alive $990k
Fenergo Fenergo Client onboarding lifecycle management and enterprise compliance software solutions for financial institutions Banking Ireland alive $80.43M
Ffrees FFrees Banking UK alive $7.73M
Fidor Fidor Banking Germany alive
Figo Figo Banking API that enables partners to connect to banks and other financial services Banking Germany alive $12M
Final Final Banking USA alive $4.1M
Fna Financial Network Analytics The Financial Network Analytics (FNA) maps, models and measures interconnections in financial data. Banking UK alive $559.22k
Finanteq Finanteq Mobile solutions for banks Banking Poland alive