Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Rocketbank RocketBank Banking Russia $2M Back-end-as-a-Service platform for FinTech companies Banking Czech Republic alive
Secco Secco Banking UK alive
Seninbankan Senin Bankan Digital Banking Solution Banking Turkey alive
Simple Simple Banking USA alive $15.29M
Smile smile Digital-only bank Banking UK alive
Socash soCash Sash distribution channel via outsourced cash points (shops are becoming ATMs) Banking Singapore alive $400k
Solarisbank solarisBank Banking platform for digital business Banking Germany alive $41.65M
Soon Soon Banking France alive
Starling Starling Bank Banking UK alive $70M
Synapsepay SynapsePay Software platform for banks and businesses to make storage and movement of value quick, easy & safe. Banking USA alive
Tagit Tagit Mobile banking software solutions provider Banking Singapore alive $6.41M
Talkbank TalkBank Financial management in messenger apps. Banking Russia alive
Tandem Tandem Banking UK alive $34.8M
6zekcfie Tangerine Bank Banking Canada alive
Tasatop TasaTop Fixed-term deposit solution Banking Peru alive
Telleroo Telleroo Automated bank-to-bank transfers for businesses Banking UK alive
Theglue The Glue Next generation infrastructure for financial institutions Banking Belgium alive $5.4M
Themoneyfinder The Money Finder Cash flow planning training for financial professionals Banking Canada alive $1.75M
Thinkmoney thinkmoney Banking UK alive
Tide Tide Business current account Banking UK alive $16M
Tis Tis Bundle all of your payment transactions within one secure, web-based SaaS solution Banking Germany alive
Touch bank Touch Bank Banking Russia
Transferfast TransferFast Banking Estonia alive $163.61K
Tribal Tribal Capital Markets Full service Financial Services firm Banking USA alive $5M
Truelayer TrueLayer Financial apps that connect to bank data, verify accounts, and access transactions in real-time. Banking UK alive $4.3M
Ubank uBank Banking Russia $9.5M
Images UBank Branchesless banking Banking Australia alive
Vanso Vanso Financial technology provider Banking Nigeria alive
Varo Varo Banking USA alive $54.4M