Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Luminousbanking Luminous Banking solution provider Banking South Africa alive
Lunar way Lunar Way Mobile banking app developer that markets to the millennial generation. Banking Denmark alive $4.44M
Mambu mambu The Engine for digital banking Banking Germany alive $13.1M
Mbank mBank e-bank in Poland Banking Poland alive
Meskudo M-Eskudo Digital banking solution Banking Portugal alive $95.18K
Misys Misys Banking, treasury, trading and risk management solution provider Banking UK acquired
Mitek Mitek Advanced imaging and analytics software to authenticate and extract data from imaged checks and other financial documents Banking USA acquired
Mitigram Mitigram Collaborative risk and finance marketplace Banking Sweden alive $540.94k
Modular finance Modular Financial Technology solutions for wholesale financial markets Banking UK alive
Monese Monese Mobile banking service Banking UK alive $16M
Monetia Monetia Money transfers, acceptance of bill payments, cash desk outsourcing for the banks and other institutions Banking Poland alive
Moni moni Micro-banking platform for the Millennials Banking UK alive $1.75M
Monk Monk Banking USA alive
Monobanq Monobanq Banking France alive
Monyq Monyq Banking Netherlands $447.88K
Monzo monzo Mobile-only bank Banking UK alive $45.05M
Morning Morning Banking France
Moven Moven Mobile-centric banking app Banking USA alive $24.41M
Mybucks MyBucks Credit scoring, virtual banking solutions Banking Luxembourg alive
Naqoda Naqoda Banking platform Banking Germany alive
Ncino nCino Cloud-based bank operating solutions Banking USA alive $64.67M
Neat Neat Current account for the millennial generation Banking Hong Kong alive
Neon Neon digital bank Banking Brazil alive
Netguardians NetGuardians Big data analysis to correlate and analyze behaviors across the entire bank system Banking Switzerland alive $5.25M
Number26 Number26 Banking Germany alive
Numberz numberz Cash flow management Banking India alive $650k
Nuvo Nuvo Digital Banking Solution Banking Turkey alive
Nymbus Nymbus Cloud based solution for core banking Banking USA alive $28M
Omni Omni Prime (上海秦苍信息科技有限公司) Financial services technology provider Banking China alive $15.0M
Onfido Onfido Identity & document verification Banking USA alive $30.3M