Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Capitalise Capitalise Conversational trading platform Trading, Investing Israel alive (策略炒股通) Smart stock selector/data amalgamation/sharing service for investors Trading, Investing China alive $1.8M
Century Century Analytics Trade currencies using artificial intelligence Trading, Investing Sweden alive $800k
City falcon CityFALCON Personalised financial news feed powered by machine learning & crowd-curation Trading, Investing UK alive $483.7k
Closingbellco ClosingBell Collaborative stock trading Trading, Investing USA alive
Closir Closir Investor relations platform, offering companies and their investors a new way to discover, connect and engage Trading, Investing UK alive
Clover Goals-based automated investment service Trading, Investing Australia alive $2M
Currencyone CurrencyOne E-currency and exchange of currencies Trading, Investing Poland alive
Currencyspot CurrencySpot Order foreign currency, banknotes and currency card Trading, Investing Australia alive $100.0k
Divy Divy Trading, Investing USA alive
Real time market analysis and predictions based on Artifical Intelligence Trading, Investing USA alive
Droit Financial Technologies
Providing enterprise solutions for OTC derivative trading processes Trading, Investing USA alive $16M
Dunamu Dunamu (증권플러스) Mobile investment portfolio app Stock Plus for Kakao through their messenger KakaoTalk Trading, Investing S. Korea alive $2.7M
Echofin echofin Slack for traders Trading, Investing USA alive
Edgefolio Edgefolio Connecting investors and fund managers through data Trading, Investing UK alive
Enfusion Enfusion Cloud-based portfolio management and risk system Trading, Investing UK alive
Essentia analytics Essentia Analytics Behavioral analytics for decision-making outperformance Trading, Investing UK alive $496.14k
Ethievest Ethivest Investment platform Trading, Investing UK alive
Etoro eToro Social trading and investment marketplace Trading, Investing UK alive $72.9M
Fantex Fantex Non-correlated asset category with stocks tied to the earnings of professional athletes. Trading, Investing USA alive $111M
Intelligent information management system for asset managers Trading, Investing UK alive
Finnomena FINNOMENA Investment research and retail Investments platform Trading, Investing Thailand alive
Fisdom Fisdom It offers investment advisory services through an application. Trading, Investing India alive $1.6M
Online asset management platform Trading, Investing Japan alive $18.61M
Forecastthis ForecastThis It enables investment managers and quantitative analysts to generate robust forecasts and optimize complex future objectives using their own data. Trading, Investing UK alive
F (战国策)
Financial services network in the foreign exchange ecosystem Trading, Investing China alive $785.0k
Freetrade Freetrade Application for investing in the stock market with zero commissions and getting investment advice Trading, Investing UK alive $1.55M
Fundinfo fundinfo Fund documents, data, ratings and fund manager videos Trading, Investing Switzerland alive
Fundsindia FundsIndia Online investment platform Trading, Investing India alive $15.41M
F (牛交所)
Online overseas finance management platform Trading, Investing China alive $5.0M