Money Raised
Uniqul Uniqul
Payment Finland
Unwire Unwire
Mobile payment solution provider
Payment Denmark
Secure transactions while enabli...
Payment USA
Uzaypara Uzaypara
Payment gateway and collection s...
Payment Turkey
Online and e-commerce payment so...
Payment Iceland
Vantiv Vantiv
Provider of payment strategies a...
Payment USA
Vapulus Vapulus
Mobile payment solution
Payment Egypt
Vcpay VCpay
Payment app that lets you create...
Payment South Africa
Veem Veem
Payment service provider
Payment USA
Vendi VENDi
The app allows you to quickly an...
Payment Russia
Venmo Venmo
An app that allows users to shar...
Payment USA
Veritran VeriTran
Mobile Payments solutions for th...
Payment Argentina
Verrency Verrency
Payment solution provider
Payment Australia
25pgdoa7 VersaPay
Cloud-based invoice presentment ...
Payment Canada
Verse Verse
Share payments with friends
Payment USA
Vesta Vesta
Payment Ireland
Vindi Vindi
Online payment platform
Payment Brazil
Vivawallet VivaWallet
Payment Greece
C uajojh Vlipco
Payment Colombia
Vocalink Vocalink
Payment solutions
Payment UK
Voguepay Voguepay
Online payment platform
Payment Nigeria
Vugapay VugaPay
Receive mobile money payments fr...
Payment Rwanda
Walletdoc Walletdoc
Smart, secure & free way to pay ...
Payment South Africa
Wallet one Wallet One
Payment Russia
Wallettec Wallettec
Mobile payment solutions
Payment South Africa
Wally Wally
Android Tablet based POS solution
Payment Peru
Wd Wangyudashi
Platform for internet cafe payme...
Payment China
Waxed Mobile
Mobile and online payment solution
Payment South Africa
Way2pay Way2Pay
Payment Ireland
Wazza Wazza
Online payments analytics platform
Payment Portugal