Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Ximu Ximu Credit Utilizes big data to understand consumer credit worthiness and help make loan decisions based on risk analysis and pricing models Scoring, Identity, Fraud China alive $14.79M
Yit Yitu Technology AI based security system Scoring, Identity, Fraud China alive $55.1M
Zerodb ZeroDB Open-source end-to-end encrypted database that lets users operate on encrypted data. Scoring, Identity, Fraud USA alive
ZhiweiCloud (知微云)
Financial data services platform Scoring, Identity, Fraud China alive
4xlabs 4xLabs Currency exchange-rate aggregator platform for travellers Trading, Investing Singapore alive $1.5M
Abacus Abacus Real time market data and analysis Trading, Investing Kenya alive
Accern Accern Monitoring over 300 million websites and alerting institutional investors about U.S. public companies Trading, Investing USA alive $1.2M
Acorns Acorns It allows individuals to round up purchases and automatically invest the change Trading, Investing USA alive $62.96M
Aim AIM Trades and investments via smartphone Trading, Investing S. Korea alive $1.6M
Alfatrade AlfaTrade Providing online FX brokerage services. Trading, Investing Bulgaria alive
Algomerchant AlgoMerchant Interactive social trading platform Trading, Investing Singapore alive $1.3M
Algomi Algomi Bond information network Trading, Investing UK alive $10M
Alkanza Alkanza Automated platform to manage investment accounts Trading, Investing USA alive $6M
Alpaca Alpaca Big data and AI for financial trading Trading, Investing USA alive $2.8M
Analytical trader Analytical Trader It uses price action and volumes to trade a wide range of markets and timeframes. Trading, Investing Portugal alive
Au32 AU32 (黄金管家) Online gold investment services Trading, Investing China alive
Ayondo ayondo Social Trading technology Trading, Investing UK alive $10.28M
Bareksa Bareksa Investment portal startups that synthesise a trading platform for mutual funds Trading, Investing Indonesia alive
Bizequity BizEquity Online business valuation engine for use by small business owners and the advisors who serve them Trading, Investing USA alive $5.1M
Borsala Borsala Social platform for stock market Trading, Investing Turkey alive $70.0k
Bricknode Bricknode Cloud-based platform, which makes it possible for securities firms and other financial institutions to establish themselves online Trading, Investing Sweden alive
Britam Britam Diversified financial services Trading, Investing Kenya alive
Brokerfabrik BrokerFabrik All-in-one software that integrates a unique client trading experience with a robust operational backbone Trading, Investing Hong Kong alive $10M
Bux BUX Stock trading made simple, educational and exciting Trading, Investing Netherlands alive $10.7M
Cadre Cadre It s an online marketplace that connects investors and operators of real estate Trading, Investing USA alive $133.3M
Cajin (财鲸科技) Smart overseas investment platform for China's investors Trading, Investing China alive $10.0M
Call levels Call Levels App which allows users to set price alerts for multi-assets and be informed when the price hits Trading, Investing Singapore alive $500k
Canalyst Canalyst It helps institutional analysts and PMs save several hours on equity research. Trading, Investing USA alive $2.07M
Creditmantri Canopy (Mesitis) It aggregates and visualizes your investment portfolio across markets, asset classes and currencies Trading, Investing China alive $6.13M
Capitalise Capitalise Conversational trading platform Trading, Investing Israel alive