Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
PINN is a cardless bank that helps you pay anything with only a PIN, without card is needed. Banking Indonesia alive
Pockit Pockit Prepaid MasterCard Banking UK alive $3.45M
Pocopay Pocopay Banking Estonia alive
Professional bank Professional Bank Provider of personal banking and business banking services Banking USA alive $19M
Prophis Prophis Technologies It enables companies to extract more value and insights from their internal and external data Banking UK alive
Qonto Qonto Online banking services to small businesses Banking France alive $1.68M
Rabo RaboDirect Banking Netherlands
Raisin Raisin (SavingGlobal) It operates as an online marketplace for foreign fixed deposits Banking Germany alive $64.22M
Redcloud Redcloud Technology Banking as a platform Banking UK alive
Information technology solutions for financial institutions Banking USA, Australia alive
Riskopy Riskopy It combines conventional and alternative data sources in our proprietary algorithm to provide actionable, event driven insights Banking UK alive $50k
Rocketbank RocketBank Banking Russia $2M Back-end-as-a-Service platform for FinTech companies Banking Czech Republic alive
Secco Secco Banking UK alive
Seninbankan Senin Bankan Digital Banking Solution Banking Turkey alive
Simple Simple Banking USA alive $15.29M
Smile smile Digital-only bank Banking UK alive
Socash soCash Sash distribution channel via outsourced cash points (shops are becoming ATMs) Banking Singapore alive $400k
Solarisbank solarisBank Banking platform for digital business Banking Germany alive $41.65M
Soon Soon Banking France alive
Starling Starling Bank Banking UK alive $70M
Synapsepay SynapsePay Software platform for banks and businesses to make storage and movement of value quick, easy & safe. Banking USA alive
Tagit Tagit Mobile banking software solutions provider Banking Singapore alive $6.41M
Talkbank TalkBank Financial management in messenger apps. Banking Russia alive
Tandem Tandem Banking UK alive $34.8M
6zekcfie Tangerine Bank Banking Canada alive
Telleroo Telleroo Automated bank-to-bank transfers for businesses Banking UK alive
Theglue The Glue Next generation infrastructure for financial institutions Banking Belgium alive $5.4M
Themoneyfinder The Money Finder Cash flow planning training for financial professionals Banking Canada alive $1.75M
Thinkmoney thinkmoney Banking UK alive