Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Contractzen ContractZen Store and organize business-critical financial and administrative contracts and documents in one safe place Corporate Finance Finland alive $880k
Staple Crowd Cast Expense management for SMEs and corporates Corporate Finance Japan alive $255.51k
Currencyvue CurrencyVue Helping mid-sized businesses manage FX risk and international payments. Corporate Finance Australia alive
Cyberproductivity CyberProductivity Automated accounting platform, helps SMBs manage cash in the real-time, boosts sales of factoring, loans and payments Corporate Finance Poland alive
Datil Datil Digital invoicing and payment solution Corporate Finance Ecuador alive
Accounting platform Corporate Finance China alive
Declaree declaree Digitize the declaration process from receipt to accounting. Corporate Finance Netherlands alive
Dopay Dopay Cloud-based payroll service Corporate Finance UK alive $7.13M
Doreming Doreming Payroll software Corporate Finance USA alive
Efact Efact Invoicing tool Corporate Finance Peru alive
Egwarancje eGwarancje Invoice and receipt management Corporate Finance Poland alive
Elorus Elorus Online invoicing Corporate Finance Greece alive $54.59K
Exigeapp ExigeApp Financial modeling solution Corporate Finance Romania alive
Expense check Expense Check Marketplace that automatically and continuously matches SMEs with the right provider at the best price in real time Corporate Finance Australia alive $756.41k
Expensify Expensify It automates your expense reporting process Corporate Finance USA alive $27.2M
Expensya Expensya Expense reports management Corporate Finance France alive $1.1M
Fakturomania fakturomania Online bookkeeping Corporate Finance Poland alive
Fakturownia Fakturownia Online invoicing Corporate Finance Poland alive
Fastbill FastBill Accounting for freelancers & small businesses Corporate Finance Germany alive
Fastnotas Fast Notas Issue and manage invoices Corporate Finance Brazil alive
Finagraph Finagraph Financial intelligence on demand for lenders, accountants, consultants and business owners. Corporate Finance USA alive $5M
Fit Fit Solutions e-Invoicing and eTransformation solutions Corporate Finance Turkey alive $4M
Flinqer Flinqer It is a network of companies that tunes their cash management, enabling cash to stay within the supply chain and benefit stakeholders Corporate Finance Netherlands alive
Floqast FloQast Cloud-based software that helps manage accounting departments by centralizing the workflow Corporate Finance USA alive $7.85M
Flowaccount FlowAccount Create and send professional invoices, track your payments and collaborate with your partners for free Corporate Finance Thailand alive
Freeagent FreeAgent Online accounting and money management software Corporate Finance UK alive $10.74M
Freee freee Automated online accounting software Corporate Finance Japan alive $82.8M
Freshbooks FreshBooks Cloud based small business accounting software. Send invoices, manage receipts, expenses. Corporate Finance Canada alive
Gongzi Gongzi Qianbao (工资钱包) Mobile payroll and added-value financial services company Corporate Finance China alive $30.0M
Happay HapPay Business expense management software Corporate Finance, Payment India alive