Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Fujinto Fujinto Decentralized cryptocurrency for travel industry Trading, Investing Japan alive
Fumi Technology
Providing financial services for personal investors all over the world with financial trading information and assistance Trading, Investing China alive $14.5M
Fundinfo fundinfo Fund documents, data, ratings and fund manager videos Trading, Investing Switzerland alive
Fundshop Fundshop It helps investors construct and manage their investments online Trading, Investing France alive $2.48M
Fundsindia FundsIndia Online investment platform Trading, Investing India alive $15.41M
F (牛交所)
Online overseas finance management platform Trading, Investing China alive $5.0M
Fxkart Fxkart Online aggregator of Foreign exchange dealers Trading, Investing India alive $2M
Gaosouyi Gaosouyi (高搜易) Stock investment portal Trading, Investing China alive $46.2M
G banker G-Banker (黄金钱包) Online gold investment platform Trading, Investing China alive $46.03M
Gxcoin Genevieve Gx VC fund for the people Trading, Investing Singapore alive
Get4x Get4x Develops cloud-based services addressing the needs of all players in the often overlooked cash exchange market Trading, Investing Singapore alive
Global shares Global Shares Provider of financial and equity consulting services Trading, Investing USA alive $4.81M
Gongmingdai (公明贷)
Online investment finance platform Trading, Investing China alive
Grain Grain Investing guided by your close relationships Trading, Investing USA alive
Haitou360 Global investment platform Trading, Investing China alive $1.4M
Heckyl technologies Heckyl Big data-based analytical platform for investors, traders, and researchers of the financial industry Trading, Investing India alive $4.75M
Create your own fund; receive personalized investment advice Trading, Investing USA alive
Hellomoney Hello Money Easy to design your investment portfolios from 24,000 stocks and funds Trading, Investing USA alive
Huilicai (慧理财) Big data financial/investment advice platform Trading, Investing China alive
Icobox ICOS It allows blockchain community to vote for the best projects to be brought to life through their own ICOs Trading, Investing USA alive
Iforex iForex Trading platform provider for mobile and desktop Trading, Investing Greece alive
I know first I Know First Stock Forecast Based On a Predictive Algorithm Trading, Investing Israel
iMaibo (投资脉搏网)
Stock market app Trading, Investing China alive $10.0M
Infina Infina Trade, asset management, e-ledger, e-invoice solutions Trading, Investing Turkey alive
Integer fx Integer FX Online forex trading Trading, Investing New Zealand alive
Itt Intelligent Trading Technologies AI based alerts for success in cryptocurrency markets Trading, Investing Thailand alive
Internetowykantor internetowykantor Currency exchange Trading, Investing Poland alive
Intrinio Intrinio Fintech marketplace for financial data feeds and apps Trading, Investing USA alive $1.5M
Inventtory Inventtory Platform to trade patents Trading, Investing UK alive
Investcloud InvestCloud Investment management platform through the #cloud with over 1.4 trillion assets. Trading, Investing USA alive $54.06M