Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Investfeed investFeed Marketplace platform for the financial markets Trading, Investing USA alive $4.25M
Investfit Investfit Goals based advice technology Trading, Investing Australia alive $1.5M
Investing note InvestingNote Social network dedicated for Singapore stock investors Trading, Investing Singapore alive $334.65k
Investmentyogi InvestmentYogi Smarter investment decisions and save more money Trading, Investing India alive
Investorz InvestorZ Stock screening solution Trading, Investing Thailand alive $248.0k
Invierte Invierte con Expertos Platform that connects people who want to invest in mutual funds with the best financial advisors Trading, Investing Mexico alive $400k
Jellifin Jellifin Mobile options brokerage that allows customers to trade 30 U.S. equity options for free each month Trading, Investing USA alive $40k
Jinmaojie (金贸街)
supply chain finance and financial services information platform Trading, Investing China alive $1.6M
Jinri Jiecai (今日捷财)
Online investment platform Trading, Investing China alive $4.7M
Joinquant JoinQuant Quantitative investment transaction services platform Trading, Investing China alive
Kambista Kambista Currency exchange Trading, Investing Peru alive
Kantorbox kantorbox Online currency exchange Trading, Investing Poland alive
Decentralized social eCommerce platform Trading, Investing USA dead
Karvy Karvy Computershare Investor servicing Trading, Investing India alive
Klickex KlickEx Online currency exchange service Trading, Investing New Zealand alive $5.44M
Kybernetwork Kyber Network It allows the exchange and conversion of digital assets Trading, Investing Singapore alive $60M
Ledgerx LedgerX Institutional derivatives exchange platform for digital currencies. Trading, Investing USA alive $12.9M
Leverfun (炒饭)
Mobile app for experienced stock investors Trading, Investing China alive $4.8M
Licai Mofang (理财魔方)
Big data tools and smart analysis and also follows the movements of investment groups Trading, Investing China alive $1.6M
L (利魔方)
Art investment services Trading, Investing China alive
Multi lateral and dimensional portfolio compression Trading, Investing USA alive
Lovestocks LoveStocks Mobile-first retail brokerage offering share investing to everyone, everywhere. Trading, Investing UK alive
LVH(55 Capital)
It democratizes portfolio management and enables investors and advisors to unleash the full potential of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) Trading, Investing USA alive $10M
Macquarie Macquarie Group Lending and investing solutions Trading, Investing Australia acquired
Macrovue Macrovue Online platform dedicated to providing access to professional theme-based investing. Trading, Investing Australia alive $1.83M
Managemyfortune ManageMyFortune Curated market which enables retail investors to find Investment advisors or robo-advisor based on their past performance, client ratings or industry experience Trading, Investing India alive $16.0K
Manchester atlantic Manchester Atlantic Investment and advisory firm Trading, Investing USA alive $200k
Mojo MarketsMojo Smart investment assistance Trading, Investing India alive
Marketx MarketX Cross-Border alternative investment platform connecting US with APAC Trading, Investing USA alive $1.7M
Matriks Matriks Trading solutions Trading, Investing Turkey alive