Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Clearmacro Clearmacro Online asset allocation research, advisory, and execution service for the professional market Wealth Management UK alive
Dragon wealth asia Dragon Wealth Asia It offers fast way for wealth managers to increase sales. Wealth Management Singapore alive $15.93k
Ellevest Ellevest Tailored contributions, timelines, and diversified investment portfolios for women Wealth Management USA alive $44.6M
Fengjr (凤凰金融) Financial services and wealth management platform Wealth Management China alive $80M
Finizens Finizens Online robo advisor allowing to invest in globally diversified, low-cost index funds portfolios Wealth Management Spain $740.32k
Focus financial Focus Financial Partners Wealth management Wealth Management USA alive
Folio Folio Dynamix Web-based wealth management technology solutions Wealth Management USA acquired $27.5M
Fount fount Asset management Robo-Advisor Wealth Management S. Korea alive
Gear investments Gear Investments Gear Investments is an online discretionary wealth manager. Wealth Management UK alive
V Gonzi Qianbao Strategic investment and wealth management financial firm Wealth Management China alive $30M
Hedgeable Hedgeable AI Lab Private wealth management platform for millennials. Wealth Management USA alive $1.85M
Hellogold HelloGold Shariah-compliant gold digital application that will change the way you save, borrow, and transfer wealth Wealth Management Malaysia alive
Huoqiu (火球网) Financial service platform for wealth management Wealth Management China alive $18.5M
Husky finance Husky Finance Digital tools to help people make smarter choices with their money Wealth Management UK alive
Indexa Indexa Capital Automated investment manager Wealth Management Spain alive $1.15M
Kaishen Kaishen Lifestyle driven wealth lifter Wealth Management France alive
Liqid LIQID Investments GmbH Digital platform for wealth management Wealth Management Germany alive $4.74M
Moneyfarm Moneyfarm Digital wealth manager Wealth Management UK alive $29.81M
Sfe60byx Nest Wealth Wealth Management Canada alive $1.5M
Nutmeg Nutmeg Digital wealth manager Wealth Management UK alive $89.83M
Oranj Oranj Provides wealth managers with digital advice tools to enhance the client experience and connect with and convert more prospects. Wealth Management USA alive
Peerbanks Peerbanks Asset to be used in IRA (Individual Retirement Account) Wealth Management USA alive
Pension care Pension.Care One-stop-shop pension platform Wealth Management Bulgaria alive
Pensionera A marketplace where customers receive transparent and independent advices for retirement plans. Wealth Management Sweden alive $1.27M
Personal capital Personal Capital Digital wealth management firm. Wealth Management USA alive $215.3M
Prosperx ProsperX Marketplace for Financial Products Wealth Management India alive
Prumentum Group
Wealth-tech company that makes financial planning accessible to everyone Wealth Management USA alive $25M
Pure PureGroup Professional investor tools and reports Wealth Management UK alive
Rightcapital RightCapital Financial planning software for advisors Wealth Management USA alive $2.6M
Savvykiwi SavvyKiwi Wealthier in retirement by helping people make informed financial decisions Wealth Management New Zealand alive