Fintech Startups Worldwide

Startup Description Categories Links HQ Status Money Raised
Motormax Motormax Democratize the credit access, to the car buyer, in latin america Financing Argentina alive $275k
Vinti Vinti Application that lets you send and receive money instantly from your phone. Money Transfer Argentina alive
Xpohttiz NubePago Online/offline payment solution Payment Argentina alive
Dinero DineroTaxi New way to pay for your taxi Payment Argentina alive $260K
Ripio Ripio (Bitpagos) Digital wallet that provides many options to buy, store and sell Bitcoin in local currency and to pay online in websites and stores Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Argentina alive $5.73M
Rsk RSK Labs Open-source smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin that also rewards the Bitcoin miners via merge-mining Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Argentina alive $4.5M
Crowdium Crowdium Real estate crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding Argentina alive $500K
Wuabi Wuabi Crowdfunding platform of agricultural projects Crowdfunding Argentina alive
Ideame Ideame Bitcoin-based crowdfunding platform for artistic, musical, retail, and other philanthropic projects. Crowdfunding Argentina alive $125K
Sesocio Sesocio Offers people seeking venture capital a way to connect with investors with small amounts to invest Crowdfunding Argentina alive
Afluenta Afluenta P2P financial network for consumer loans Financing Argentina alive $10.78M
Bondarea Bondarea Online community for lending Financing Argentina alive
Wayniloans Wayniloans Loans between people in bitcoins. Financing Argentina alive
Moon MOON Money Online Financing to small and medium enterprises simple, quick and transparent manner by technology and data. Financing Argentina alive
Mrpresta MR Presta Facilitates credit analysis and execution process and offer competitive rates to borrowers as well as superior returns to investors. Financing Argentina alive $700K
Credility Credility Credits for SMEs Financing Argentina alive
Pago Pago Rural Financial solution designed especially for the needs of agribusiness, for managing credit through which you can pay for inputs in an easy, practical and safe way. Financing Argentina alive
Moni Moni Help you to receive a cash advance immediately, without formalities or paperwork. Financing Argentina alive $4M
Paysur PaySur Platform (online and mobile) to make payments, collections and instant loans as safely and at lower cost. Payment Argentina alive $275K
7446608 300x300 GeoPagos mPOS solution Payment Argentina alive
Olp Olpays Payment platform for online marketplaces Payment Argentina alive $390k
Hgblfvmo Mobbex Provides your business necessary to operate multiple payment methods. Payment Argentina alive
Veritran VeriTran Mobile Payments solutions for the financial services industry Payment Argentina alive
Cashingapp Cashing App Mobile application that lets you send and receive money from your phone. Money Transfer Argentina alive
Unnamed Mercado Pago Platform for online payments Payment Argentina alive
Moula Moula Business loans Financing Australia alive $30.88M
Equ Equitise Equity crowdfunding platform for private investors to invest in early-stage companies and startups Crowdfunding Australia alive $1.02M
Waddle Waddle Business financing add-on that uses accounting app to make business loans simple Financing Australia alive $22.1M
Bigstone Bigstone Lending marketplace Financing Australia alive $3M
Expense check Expense Check Marketplace that automatically and continuously matches SMEs with the right provider at the best price in real time Corporate Finance Australia alive $756.41k