Money Raised
Kreditech Kreditech
Providing access to credit for t...
Banking Germany
Seamless Digital Banking Solution
Banking Turkey
Garantione GarantiOne
Mobile banking app for 18-25
Banking Turkey
Civilised Civilised
Online people-to-people financia...
Banking UK
Financial assistant for your money
Banking Netherlands
Rabo RaboDirect
Online bank
Banking Netherlands
Chime Chime
Manage your finances entirely fr...
Banking USA
Banking platform
Banking Germany
Kontist Kontist
A bank account for your freelanc...
Banking Germany
Netguardians NetGuardians
Big data analysis to correlate a...
Banking Switzerland
Kontomatik kontomatik
Banking API
Banking Poland
Vanso Vanso
Financial technology provider
Banking Nigeria
Wizzit WIZZIT International
Mobile banking solution provider
Banking South Africa
Talkbank TalkBank
Financial management in messenge...
Banking Russia
Varo money Varo Money
Banking app with budget manageme...
Banking USA
Fintree Fintree
Financial report automation tool
Banking Chile
Atom bank Atom Bank
Mobile-only bank
Banking UK
Oojibo OOjiBO
Full stack retail banking system...
Banking Singapore
Dais software Dais Software
Online banking solutions
Banking Bulgaria
Finxact Finxact
Enterprise class public cloud/pr...
Banking USA
Tasatop TasaTop
Fixed-term deposit solution
Banking Peru
Ensibuuko Ensibuuko
Mobile money enabled banking so...
Banking Uganda
Cube Cube
Digital payments and personal fi...
Banking India
Allevo Allevo
Banking on open source technologies
Banking Romania
Accrumental Accrumental
AI Company that increases CLTV f...
Banking USA
Clausematch ClauseMatch
SaaS platform for smart document...
Banking UK
Carmoney CarMoney
Allows you to borrow money again...
Banking Russia
Risefi RiseFi
Bridges the gap between behavior...
Banking USA
Atlas Atlas Holdings Group, Inc.
Mobile banking
Banking USA
Creditstacks CreditStacks
Developed a credit card issuing ...
Banking USA